Post- it got posted

Have you ever left a to-do list out by mistake that shouldnt be seen by others? Or, have you ever left a note unattended that was only for your eyes and it ended up being viewed by someone who shouldnt see it?  Well, I am sure you can guess what I am about to tell you and that is–  My post it was viewed and from this I wouldn’t suggest to-do lists in corporate environments to most.  Day to Day, I am constantly “controlling my chaos” and have a million things going on at once. As a store manager you are always juggling a million different needs of your own, the company’s, and the stores. In addition, if you happen to be taking over a new store you can times these usual everyday tasks by 10, because you have to get the flow of the employees the way you want them. Sometimes this is all happening while you yourself are undergoing a lot of different training simultaneously. These are all excuses for the story I am about to tell so that you can somewhat feel bad for me…

I was desperate to find a manager for my store (lower level key holder) and I was cold calling and interviewing 3-4 people a day. The first mistake I made was the expectation of finding someone perfect in two weeks. It’s a special person that I should have taken time to look for to trust with the key’s to my store, and all the additional responsibility’s that are put on my management. Anyway, I was hiring back to back and sometimes this can get to be confusing for me because I am doing these interviews in between my already hectic day. I would meet so many different people a day that it would become very easy to forget specific things about each applicant. With this I knew that I would need a visual reminder of these applicants so…I decided to be proactive! I came up with a post-it process where I would scribble a few words about each applicant immediately after I was done speaking to them and stick it to their application to then review after everyone had a fair chance. Well ,one of the applicants from this brilliant practice of post it reminders was chosen and started  a few weeks later.

Usually, new employees fill out their new hire paperwork at work and under company time. I should have known better but this particular new hire insisted that she was fine with filling her paperwork out at home, and would rather just start her regular training. Shame on me for obeying this because it bite me in the butt big time when I missed place my interviewing post it in her new hire paperwork folder that she took home with her that night.

I was never aware that this post- it was seen by her until one rainy day I received a pretty heavy phone call from corporate HR. Seems that the way I remembered her was that she was Chubby, Asian, and had ugly shoes. This apparently made her feel uncomfortable in my store since she saw this on her first day, and threatened the company a lawsuit. She had a picture of the post-it and claimed she was too embarrassed to say anything earlier then she did now.

When I was informed of why my employee would no longer be working with us,  I couldn’t even fight the claim that had been made against me. I do distinctly remember the ugly shoes she had worn on her interview.

Lesson to be learned pointed out from my boss: Do not leave notes on legal documents.

Lesson I actually learned: Never hire someone with ugly shoes.


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