I’ve always been known as very responsible. I have been empowered with responsibilities throughout my life by many different neighbors, bosses, and friends because of my dependability, hard work, and dedication. Although, there has been a few times that I have messed up. Here are a few memory’s of times where I did not necessarily become irresponsible… but, experienced a few hiccups in my system.

House watching

When I was a freshman in high school I was honored to be asked to watch the dog and house of a neighbor who lived in a house that was one of the largest on the blocks. This house was always one that was exciting for me because of the wrap around stairs, the large pool, and the outside amenities that were far different from the house I lived in. The dog, Willy, was kept for the most part outside all day because they were able to train him to respond to the zapping of an electric fence when he went behind his boundaries. Therefore, my job was simple and consisted of these tasks: Fetching the mail, feeding the dog twice a day, and every other day feed the bird that lived inside. The first two days went very smooth. It wasnt until the third day of house watching where things got complicated. I was sitting in Spanish class when the phone rang with the news that my grandmother was at the front office to pick me up from school early.This never happened so as I was confused and intrigued as to why I would be leaving school so early.When I saw my grandmother she said ,” Come on kid, we gotta go fast..I saw Willy running down the road full speed ahead..He has escaped his electrical fence!”  “Crap”, I said, as we hurried back to our neighborhood. On the ride my grandmother informed me that she will drop me off where she saw him head towards and that she had stopped at Publix and purchased a ham for me to chase him down with. ” A ham”? I asked, Why is that gonna help?” She responded with, “What dog doesn’t want a ham?” So, with that I jumped out of the car( with the ham) and spent the next two hours looking for Willy with a cold, heavier by every minute.. ham. I captured him, and later found out that the batteries on his collar went dead and that is how he escaped the yard from his electrical fence.

House watching

I was given the keys to a different house a couple of years later. This time around I didn’t have much to do other than care for the plants and bring in the mail. This time I was a junior in high school and it dawned on me what a perfect opportunity this would be to host an overnight party with someone of my closest guy friends and girlfriends. Since this house was next door to my grandmother’s house I knew it was going to be a little difficult to pull off. Therefore, we put our heads together to master a plan that would ensure that we never got caught. First thing first was that we all needed an alibi on where we were sleeping since we all weren’t gonna be sleeping at any ones house throughout our friendship circle. Second, we needed a plan for every ones cars since my grandmother knew what my friends drove, and she also knew that my neighbors were out of town.The party was a success. Upper class man came, and we all stayed up playing pool and drinking games. I was the coolest. The next two days were full of nonstop cleaning to ensure that the house was spotless and that no one would ever suspect a thing. The day that the owners got home the phoned me a few hours later called to thank me for the great job I did on keeping after the house. Then, 8 hours later the owners called and told me that the beer that I had left in the freezer exploded and caused a mess and that I could come over at anytime to pick it up. oops.

House watching/Baby siting

A few years later in college, I am still in the business for house watching. This time it was for my boss and she not only has left me in charge of her house but she has left me in charge of her two daughters over a long weekend. One daughter was in the 7th grade and her oldest daughter was a Senior in high school. My boss was already familiar with my best friend Kelly so she was OK with the idea that Kelly would probably be coming over and spending time at the house. Friday afternoon I picked up the youngest at volleyball practice, took her home to change, and then dropped her off at an over night slumber party where she would be until the next afternoon. Therefore, I was only in charge of keeping tabs ont he oldest who had a curfew of 10 on a Friday because of an early soccer camp that was already paid for the next morning. Kelly and I hung out at the house with a bottle of wine and waited for her to come home. When she did arrive we were extra silly and ended up being very chatty with her from the moment she walked in the door. She ended up being just as chatty by suggesting we move the conversation to the outside patio, turn up the tunes, and light up the back porch lights. After Kelly and I had a few more we ended up offering some of our wine to her, and she happily agreed to it. To make a long store short…We ended up hoping in the car and taking her all the way into town to a sports bar where our friends would be, (about 30 minutes) and had her promise not to tell. The really bad part is that Kelly and I had to have her drive because we were to toasty. We got in at about 3 am after singing, and playing darts all night long. The next morning she was responsible enough to still make it to soccer camp, a nd Kelly and I made it to pick up the youngest at her birthday party. After this event I felt extremely responsible.

House siting

This was starting to become a career after all my experience I have accrued so far. This particular instance was more of a favor then a job. I was asked to watch over my xboyfreind, and his roommates townhouse while they were away one weekend. My x boyfriend had a chocolate lab, and my x boyfriends roommate’s girlfriend (confusing) had a bird that were all to be watched while they were away. Again, since Kelly was my obvious best friend it was no secret that she would be helping me with my responsibilities. The first day of babysitting I had plans to go to happy hour so I decided to take the pup. He became the life of the party and was having a great time meeting new people and even new dogs. The friends we made decided to come back with me and Kelly to the house to continue to keep drinking since I knew it was time for the dog to go home. Somehow, the birds cage popped open without anyone noticing. We were all talking and someone says in the middle of the madness, “Hey, is that a bird he has in his mouth?”  I thought nothing of it because I assumed that he was just playing with one of his many toys until someone says again, “No really, I think he has a bird in his mouth!” I went over to investigate and yes..he had a bird in his mouth. This was the bird that was a pet to the roommate’s girlfriend. I still can’t believe that bird lived through that…

The next morning after everyone left I woke up to go downstairs to walk the dog. When I reached for the door handle of the front door it fell through and fell all the way off. “What the heck?” I thought.  We had plans to hang at the pool all day so I immediately called  a locksmith to get the door handle fixed with no explanation as to why it fell off.  We got to the pool at 10 am and did not leave the pool until 6 pm because we yet again made friends with other people and other dogs. The dog was so tired for the entire next two days that when my x got home he was truly concerned that something was wrong with his dog. His dog could not even use his legs to get up and go to the bathroom. He slept in his bed for hours and hours and was to soar to get up. I know the feeling because one time I ran a half marathon completely untrained and I was sore for an entire week. I tried to explain to him that this was all that it was. Needless to say, Kelly and I were not able to babysit their animals ever again. His loss.


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