Travel Tip

Have you ever done something that you wish you could re-live and take different precautions in order to be your best self? Since this is the second time I have left for the airport without my luggage, I am considering myself an expert in this minor hiccup travelers experience. After speaking with many humans about this instance, I have come to the conclusion that it really could happen to anyone who might be a little sleepy, stressed after a long week, or use to others doing things for them. When you spend time planning, packing, and perfecting your travel items, I am sure that the last thing you want is to leave them behind when you need them most. Therefore, I have come up with a list to help others check and review before leaving town.

Best, and Happy Traveling


  1. Do NOT expect your driver to instinctively put your bags in the vehicle for you when leaving for your departure site
  2. DO NOT be influenced by drugs or alcohol right before leaving for airport. Wait until you make it there with everything you need.
  3. DO listen to the 2 hour prior to airport arrival advice so that you have a little time incase you must turn around to get your luggage.
  4. DO Before leaving for your airport, grab your suitcase
  5. DO focus, breath, and be in tuned with where exactly you are headed and why it is you are in the car in the first place (this will help you remember that you need your things)

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