Don’t Talk to Strangers

My sister and brother-in-law had their wedding in Virgin Gorda (which is in the Virgin Islands). To get to the island from St Thomas you had to take a ferry which was about an hour boat ride. By the time you get to the ferry dock you are ready for a drink because the views are outrageous! With that said, I was vulnerable at that point. When arriving at the dock you are greeted by plenty of taxi’s waiting and eager to take you to your next destination. I was immediately drawn to a certain golf cart that had a built-in bar, Christmas lights, and a sweet graffiti tag. My date and I walked over to the golf cart, and without delay asked for a drink (and for a ride). Of Course, as friendly as I am, I wasn’t going to be rude so I wasted no time in introducing myself as K-Diddy. He had a pretty awesome name too! His was Sweet Ice Willy. Like most instant buddies I had a few nicknames such as: Ice Man, Sweet Ice, Sweet Ice Williard, etc! He was so cool! He told us all about his professional basketball career and how safe the island was for visitors such as us. I was so lucky to be drinking a fresh pina coladas on a beautiful island with a town celebrity! When we got to the villa we wasted no time in telling everyone how great Sweet Ice was and asked if he could come up for a drink. My sister (being such a push over) went ahead and suggested for us to invite him in for a drink. He said that he had to go home and get cleaned up and that he would be back in just a bit. He did not let us down, and was soon back to join the party and joined in jamming to the reggae band and relaxing in the beautiful island view villa. To shorten up this story, and also leave out some illegal parts of this event… he was spotted in the house by the house manager of the Villa, and she kind of freaked. He apparently is the town crook. He is not a basketball player. He lied to me.

Despite my date’s bro-mance with the intruder, he was instructed to kick him out of the house. Sweet Ice Willy was not happy and even followed the house manager home and threatened her! Later in the week my sister’s best friend and I thought it would be funny to sign the guest book of her wedding from Sweet Ice Willy. My sis has a great sense of humor but still doesn’t find that funny.

MORAL: Don’t Talk to Strangers.


One thought on “Don’t Talk to Strangers

  1. You forgot to say what a creeper he was! Being the only dateless one in the crowd (my hubby couldn’t make the trip) he followed me around telling me how beautiful I was to an uncomfortable level! Yikes!

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