Not a funny family

I grew up with my great-grandmother in Fort Myers with my middle sister Julie, also known as Hulie. We never had much to do and most days we would sit in our shared room and find ways to entertain ourselves. We would play mail, lay hanging upside down off our beds and laugh at each others hair, play Barbies, and pee on each others side of the room.<<(Well one of us did that, cough..cough..) Usually, by the time dinner came around we were either in trouble, or had just been so annoying all day long that we were on my grandmothers last nerve. One night at the dinner table Julie and I must have been being extra silly because my grandmother pounded down on the table and exclaimed.. WE ARE NOT A FUNNY FAMILY DAMNIT, WE ARE A SERIOUS FAMILY!

That seemed very funny to us and we busted out in laughter and in result ate dinner alone in our rooms:)


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