Wiggin Out

Most people have possession’s or items that they are emotionally, mentally, and physically attached too. Examples might be: a cell phone, a favorite pair of jeans, or maybe a certain hand creme. My prized possession’s never leave my comfort zone and I always know where they are. These items are the wigs in my wig collection. They are not only apart of my wardrobe but they have become apart of many memories with friends and family. They have completed my outfit for many nights out, and they have traveled with me to California, Key West, and New York. They are great for dress-up, drunken pictures, and they can be great companions when watching Britney videos on you tube. One time a couple of years back, I almost had heart failure,and was nearly separated from one of my wigs for life. It happened a little bit like this:

Two of my best friends, (Jenna and Kelly) got tickets to go see Britney Spears when she came to Miami in 2008.We got a hotel down at the Marriott close to where the concert was so that we could drink heavily with no hassle of driving rushed. We also wanted plenty of pre-Britney time getting ready for last-minute things like: tanning by the pool, brushing our wigs,and practicing our dance moves. OK, maybe that is just my reasoning for it. Anyways, I was indecisive as usual on what Britney I should be and if I should wear the blond or the pink wig. I had brown hair at the time so either choice would be a costume. My friend Jenna and I decided that we would just switch on and off so that both of us could have a chance being each color throughout the show. On my turn wearing the pink wig is when the nightmare occurred. Somehow, my wig fell off my head and with the excitement of Britney in front of me, I did not notice it was gone until the end of the concert. I was distraught, and couldn’t fathom life without it.

Jenna and I had lost Kelly earlier because we kept moving around to try to get closer to the stage and her phone had died. So at the conclusion of the show I had to help Jenna search for Kelly although, I was completing devastated. While observing the crowd I noticed a skinny, dorky, feminine looking guy wearing a hot pink wig that hands down, no questions asked, was MINE! I wasted no time running after him and started to scream, “Hey, that’s my wig!” I happily, and joyfully greeted him saying ,Bless you, You found my wig! Thank you”! As I reached to grab it off his head he knocked my hand out-of-the-way and stated, “No, This is my wig”. It clearly was not his wig! I had given my wig a minor trim and I noticed the uneven bangs that gave it character. Before I knew it I was having a full on tug of war with this little dweeb, screaming, cussing, and wrapping the hair around my hands so tight that my hands were turning purple. Meanwhile, we had an audience. People leaving the concert were gathered around us and Jenna was yelling out profanity to the wig snatcher.

This brought over the attention of two cops. They separated us and sternly asked us what was going on. I said, “Officer, this guy stole my wig and he will not give it back.” The cop looked confused, and looked at me, then looked over to the thief and said, “dude, just give her,her wig back.” The wig snatcher said,” It is not her wig sir, its my wig.” “That’s bullshit!”, I screamed. I quickly took out my camera to show the officer the pictures from earlier that night of me wearing the wig. The evidence was clear enough to everyone and he made the wig snatcher remove the wig and give it back to me.

Not only did I get my wig back but, the loud commotion from the scene I made allowed Kelly to find us easily! Although, Kelly was completely embarrassed of my actions, I was so HAPPY to have my wig safe and sound. This wig is still apart of my collection to this day.



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