Laundry Day

I never thought that I would be the type of girl who writes about her underwear. I guess I can be rest assured that this isn’t any pair of underwear that I am writing about. This panty was a hot pink, g-string that went from being one of my most secretive pairs of panty’s to one of my most public. I was a waitress all through college and I worked at this fine dining greek restaurant where I had to wear all black. I had a couple different black pants I would wear and numerous black tops but I only had one black apron. Since i needed it everyday ,and I needed it to be clean,it was in and out of the wash throughout the week. I was often running late for work so I commonly had to have the apron finish drying through the very last seconds of getting ready for work . One weekday ended up being one of my most lucky, and that panty I was talking about earlier actually ended up coming to work with me. I could blame the science of static electricity or just the luck I was born with but, that panty had been left in the dryer and wiggled right to the bottom of my apron.

When I arrived at work with my pink thong (unknown to me) in my apron I was blessed with even more good news. My boss Jimmy was giving me a party of 6 business men who were known to be heavy drinkers! Who wouldn’t want a table like this given to you when you are a 21-year-old poor college student. The next twenty minutes are hard for me to write about without my animated hand movements so I chose to write about it in playwriter form describing actions and words.

Kadie: Welcome guys! My name is Kadie and I will be your waitress tonight! (nervous laugh, cute smile)

1st business man: Well hello Kadie (winks at friends) I will take a crown and coke (smirks to friends)

2nd business man: same!

3rd business man: I’ll take a beer on tap, but hey, is anyone else hungry? I’m starving?

Almost all at table: Yes, let’s go ahead and order!

Kadie: Great! I can go ahead and go back around and start taking your orders right away (takes out waiter book from apron and flings pink panty on center of table)

Kadie: Umm Laundry Day (pick up panty and run)

These men became regulars at my restaurant. It also became okay to make fun of me about this incident. I was always good at keeping a repeat customer.


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