The skate

I will have many posts about this embarrassing, dangerous, and small vehicle I use to drive that seemed to cause a bunch of problems. The one I thought of today was very terrifying and its amazing that I am alive to tell the tale. I was driving back to school north on 75 to connect to I-10 after a quick visit with one of my best friends (Nikki) in Fort Myers. I remember jamming very loud with my already busted speakers and noticed that my hood was rattling a bit. At first, I blew it off and just assumed that my little car was all shook up because I was driving a little bit faster than the wheels could take. Sometimes when I would be going too fast, I would max out the echo’s speed ability and it would shriek. A mechanic once told me that when a car is not meant to go fast it will automatically break itself. Anyway, after ignoring the (obvious to me now that it was a problem) hood shaking and rattling, my hood flew up and busted my cars front windshield. I screamed, I panicked, and then I frantically (and manually) rolled down my window to have the helpful roadside stranger wave me over safely to the side of the interstate.

I had my roommate and my boyfriend of the time, meet me 2 hours away on the interstate and they wired shut my car and we drove it back to Tally. You would think that was the end of the skate..nope. This was only a story from the fall of my freshman year. I had this car until the year after i graduated. Yippiee!


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