Walker in 10

Today at work I was minding my own business while chatting with one of my regular customers when some grumpy, hat wearing lady came up to me and said,”you know what girl?”  I knew this wasn’t gonna be good so I definitely didn’t say anything smart in hopes she would just not be mean. Instead, I took the nice manager, never give attitude to angry ladies approach and said, “What’s that?”. She then proceeds to verbally attack my wedge booties and tell me that,” In ten years tops..TOPS”, I will be walking with a walker and need a cane . But, “don’t worry”, she preaches, “I wont be alone, “all the girls my  age will also be walking around soon with canes”. Dumbfounded, and hurt, I didnt say much and tried to calm. She continued to tell me about her pediatrist visit and how he told her how ignorant the women were being these days while selecting their shoes! Needless to say, she didn’t need a size she didn’t have a return, and she left with no purchases.WTF!


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